Turn Your Content Into a Business

This is my story

I hope it inspires you to fly...

First, thank you for visiting.

My name is Julian and I’m fascinated
by the connection of
people and technology.

My mission is to help everyone have
access to these tools with the goals of building stronger communities and democratizing commerce.

During the past two years I’ve being working exclusively for
content creators and I’ve been learning and joining the community of no-code developers.

When the pandemic began my wife found herself out of work
for the first time in her life. Being a fighter and full time badass, she decided it was time to launch her own beauty tools brand.

We started in our living room overlooking the Biscayne Bay in Miami with lots of work
and just $2,500
for product development and inventory.

After searching for the best tech for our store, we discovered Shopify.
We fell in love with the product, culture, community, and mission.

I also discovered that my background in marketing, arts and design was
very important to craft the perfect offer and customer experience.

That summer we launched MBeauty. It has now a passionate international
community and we were featured as a small business by Instagram for their
Holidays 2021 campaign.

We did the Exclusive Drop of the iconic Filter Lashes with them.

When the creator community in Miami heard about MBeauty, they
wanted to know who made the store.

Here, everyone calls me Lanzi.

So, she said that it was “Made by Lanzi” 😄

I started helping these friends with their technical and business challenges.

We improved e-commerce stores, created newsletters, made online classes and more.

More and more people wanted to take their business online.

I realize this was the chance to leave my job in P.R that I felt was not meaningful.
And that’s how Made by Lanzi
came to be.

In 2021, we officially started as a Shopify Agency.

In February we helped Karina Banda, Lifestyle Creator and Celebrity TV Host, launch her Shopify Store.

It was featured in National T.V (Univision) and got over a 100K
visitors in just the first hour.

Today, her community has a place to discover exclusive content, shop her favorite products and join her newsletter.

Since then, we’ve launched more than half a dozen stores from scratch and worked optimizing site speed, setting up Klaviyo Emails and improving marketing flows for more than 30 wowed partners!

Here’s what I want to do in 2022:

Last year we did great work with the agency, but we didn’t
build community.

One of the main goals is communicating our work better by helping more people
with great content and being active participants in online communities and the Miami Scene.

I interact daily at the Shopify Forum (if you are there say hi!)

as well as in the Trends, Bubble, Webflow, freecodecamp and Glide communities.

Another goal is to help creators not only launch DTC brands
but also their own SaaS affordably and fast with no code tools.

And here’s the most important part. Let’s talk about you!

You now know more about me and my work. I want to learn more
about you.

If you think that I can help you with my skills and experience just connect or email me at lanzi@madebylanzi.com.

Never doubt that each of us from our current place, big or
small, can make great things. Specially when we do it together.

Feel welcomed and just say Hola!


With love,